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Category : Cels dealers
Gainax Art Collections (Japanese)
Studio Gainax shop website. They sell limited edition cels of Evangelion.
GeneStarwind's Cels for Sale (English)
Come and see my collection of anime Cels, and stop by for a laugh or two, and don't forget to look at my list of Anime on CD, which I am game to sell, or even better, TRADE!
Hobby shop RAXA (English, Japanese)
Japanimation City (English)
Small on-line anime goods shop. They carry some cels as well as pencil boards, trading cards, UFO,...
Majin Dan's DBZ Cels (English)
Master Mage Clef's magical cels (English)
A few cels for sale.
Micke's SHOP (Japanese, English)
Miki's Junkjungle (English)
Anime cels for Sale any my personal collection
Original Anime Arts (English)
Anime cel dealer specializing in Cowboy Bebop, Spriggan, Akira and Ghost in the Shell.
Pico & Pina (English, french)
PowerAnime.com - Everything Else Just Sucks (English)
Protoculture: Cels Page (English)
Rising Sun Cels (English)
Saiyan Tail Cel Gallery (English)
A Dragonball Z/GT cel gallery. Has a variety of different characters from all the different series.
Sakura Anime Cels! (English)
An anime cel gallery as well as cels for sale!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animation Cels For Sale (English)
The Cel Block (English)
A few cels for sale.
Underground Workshop (English)
Usagi's House (English)
΁@X@2nd stage (Japanese)

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